Hire boats are fun - whether with family or friends, you can choose an easy relaxing route or a holiday of adventure and exploration. Remember that hire boats in the UK have always been homes. In the days before motorways and railways, they were the main method of transport, with whole families living in boats while earning their living. Time moves on and, sadly, commercial boats have all but disappeared, but the heritage has been preserved and enhanced by our modern hire boats which bring you all the comforts of home. We design and build many styles to suit the differing requirements of our customers. The main holiday area for hire boats in the UK is the midlands, where the bulk of the 2000 miles of waterways are located.

Renting boats in the UK , in particular hire boats in the midlands, is very straightforward and you can discover this secret world online or by requesting a brochure pack.

Step back in time and spend a relaxing week or two aboard a modern, purpose-built self-drive craft, designed to provide for your every need. Renting boats allows you the freedom to cruise through the unspoilt heart of the midlands countryside enjoying life in the slow lane. Use this website to help you to unlock the secret world that is Britain 's Inland Waterways and find the perfect location for renting your perfect boat.

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